My Christian Space, A tool to help you in your walk with the Lord

My Christian Space is a site with a threefold purpose which is to get people to KNOW Jesus as their Lord and Savior, help them to GROW in their knowledge of Him, and to SOW His word into the hearts and lives of others.

You can learn more about how this ministry began but, since you cannot help anyone else until you help yourself, we begin with :

Knowing Him

The first purpose of My Christian Space is to get people to truly know where they stand with God.

Many of the things in our lives have a reset button that you can push when they do not work and it will cause them to startup again from the beginning. This is how it is with us as well in that you can begin a new life today. After you have taken that first step, My Christian Space will help you in understanding what you have and how to live your life for Him. This is a process that we call:

Growing in Him

Just as your new life began with talking to God, your growth begins with prayer which is simply talking with God and listening to Him instead of the things of this world.

After you have accepted Jesus, you are like a newborn baby and a baby begins to learn and to grow. The majority of this site is designed to assist you in this process with our Bible study pages. Just as a parent teaches their child how to live starting with the basics, God has done the same thing for us in giving us His written word.

Our Bible studies contain verse by verse readings of His Word followed by our Common Man's Commentary where we try to explain them in a way that us common folks can understand.

We have also included devotions which are short everyday lessons to apply to our lives. If you run into some fancy "church words" that you don't really understand, you can check out our dictionary which will help you to understand them.

A part of the growth process is to actually get out and serve the Lord and that leads us to the third part of the My Christian Space purpose which is:

Sowing Him Into The Lives Of Others

A natural part of our faith in Jesus Christ is sharing it with others. We have the cure for all of the sickness that afflicts our fellow man. It would be selfish of us not to tell someone what we have. An easy first step is sharing your testimony with others. This is simply telling people where you were at in your life before Christ and where you are at now because of Him.

We have included many of these stories from others around the world and you can even share yours with us and the world as well. You can also share the Word by sharing the My Christian Space site with your friends.

Another part of this sowing is using the gifts and talents that God has given you to serve those around you. As you serve them, they will ask questions such as why you are helping them and this provides an opportunity to tell them about what Jesus has done in your life. We encourage you to pray and ask God to show you the gifts and talents that He has given to you. Then, we encourage you to serve in that capacity wherever God has placed you.