My Christian Space

MCS is the home of Enduring Freedom Ministries which has a threefold purpose that is to help you to know Jesus, grow in your faith in Him, and to sow His word into the lives of others.

In order to accomplish that purpose we have created various tools that you can find below. You can also download this site as an app and have it always at your fingertips.

You can chat with VirtualPastor and get customized answers to all of your Bible questions.

Our Ministries

Shumway Food Pantry is the heart of our efforts to fulfill our purpose. It is where we help the hurting with their physical needs as well as with their spiritual needs.

Prayer Center

Our prayer center is a place where you can submit your prayer requests and praises at our virtual Western Wall. You can also pull up a chair and pray for the requests left by others.

Bible Studies

A collection of verse by verse Bible studies with our Common Man's Commentary.

Our commentary explains the verses in simple terms so that you can understand and apply it to your daily lives.

Now, if God speaks to you in your study, you can save your own personal notes on the study page. Then, every time that you look at the study, your notes will automatically be added to the page. To add/edit a note or to display your previous notes, click on the YOUR NOTES button.


Our devotions are short topical studies on various topics.


Our parables are short stories that are used to illustrate various biblical concepts.


Our testimony pages share stories about how others are walking in their faith.

You can be inspired by the stories of others as well as inspiring others by sharing your story.

Trivia Game

The World Bible Challenge is a trivia game where you can have fun while you learn more of God's Word.

You can also see how you stack up on the leader board and challenge your friends, family, church, or small group to beat your score.

About Us

What About Blue? is the story of the birth of Enduring Freedom Ministries and this website.